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District Calendar 2016

19 - dCOM 9:00 at First Port St. Lucie
23&26 - District Office Closed for Christmas
10th - Apportionment payments due for 2016


Apportionments and End-of-Year Payments

Apportionment payments for 2016 must be received in the lockbox at Regions Bank or paid on line by Tuesday January 10, 2017. This is not a postmarked by date; it is the last day monies must be received in the Conference office or the bank lockbox to be included in 2016 apportionments receipts. Any payments received after that date will be applied to 2017 apportionments. Any payments received between January 1 and January 10 must be clearly marked as to which year they are to be applied.

All apportionment payments should be accompanied by a completed Remittance Report. See our December newsletter for further info.





"Journeys of Paul" Cruise
In June, 2017, Pastor John Gill (The Open Door, A United Methodist Community) and his wife Terri are leading a pilgrimage cruise across the Mediterranean to visit sites where the Apostle Paul traveled and ministered. For additional details, contact Pastor Gill @ john.gill@flumc.org


Calendar of Reports Due


For a list of reports due, please click here.